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Gomez Tomiczek Panama Attorney Law Firm

Founding of Gomez Tomiczek.

- 2011 -

Moving to Panama is Easy.

Everything you need to know.

Expat Haven Panama: Whether you want to retire in Panama, create your plan B, or relocate with your family we will help you make informed decisions about Panama visa and residency information, working in Panama, retire in Panama, taxes in Panama, cost of living in Panama, and much more.

The desire to do something starts in the heart, but the decision is based on information. We provide information for decision making.

Retire in Panama

World’s Best Retirement Destination

Do you want to retire abroad? The Pensionado residence option makes moving to Panama easy. Panama offers you sunshine, tropical beaches, amazing coffee, and welcoming locals.

The cost of living is not the cheapest in the region, but Panama provides one of the best discount programs for pensioners worldwide, which makes Panama the best overall value for your money. 

Retirement Information in Panama

Moving to Panama made easy.

Residency through Investment

Are you looking to move to Panama or want a part-time residence option? Panama offers visa options for everyone.

The Friendly Nations residence program provides you and your family the opportunity to obtain a Panama visa, and optional work permit.

Online Seminar Jubilado Visa

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