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Jubilado Pensionado Visa Panama

Required Documents: What Do I Need to Organize?

#1 Passport: check validity (minimum one year)

For German Citizens using the “old” format with your maiden name (GEB. Musterfrau) we recommend to get a new passport. If your academic title shows in the passport (Austria/ Germany) try to obtain a new passport without the academic title. The name stated in your passport will be used (in the respective order!) for all documents issued by the National Immigration Service of Panama for example Max Dr. Mustermann or Sabine Meier GEB. Musterfrau etc.

#2 Criminal Background Check

Issued by the competent authority in the country of origin or permanent residence: For any residency application, the Panamanian National Migration Service requires an authenticated Criminal History Report issued by a “federal”, “central”, or “national” police force or criminal investigation authority.

  • Observe VALIDITY: NOT older than SIX (6) months (date of issuance). 

  • If the applicant leaves Panama, the certificate looses its validity automatically. 

  • Must have an APOSTILLE. 

#3 Retirement or Pension Letter

For example Letter from Social Security, or updated Rentenbezugsbescheinigung etc. 

  • If you use your combined income as a married couple BOTH applicants must present this document. 

  • Additional documents must be submitted if you receive a PRIVATE pension.

  • Observe VALIDITY: NOT older than SIX (6) months (date of issuance). 

  • Must have an APOSTILLE. 

#4 Five (5) passport-sized photos

Must be in color, on pure white background, photo paper, all photos must be the same (EU Standard)

#5 Certificate of Good Health

  • This must be done in Panama, the process is relatively uncomplicated.

  • The certificate is valid for three (3) months. 

Additional Documents

ONLY necessary when applying as a MARRIED COUPLE

#6 Marriage Certificate

  • Observe VALIDITY: NOT older than SIX (6) months (date of issuance!). 

  • Usually you must apply for an UPDATED Extract from the Marriage Register. 

  • Must have an APOSTILLE. 

  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE: It is NOT necessary to present your birth certificate unless MINOR CHILDREN are included in the application. 

#7 Proof of Domicile in Panama

  • Electricity bill and (notarized) lease. Rental period at least one (1) year.

  • Extract from the Land Register (if you already own real estate in Panama). 

#8 Declaration of Liability

This document will be prepared by our firm. The signature must be notarized by a Public Notary in Panama.

Which Documents Will Be Organized by Your Firm?

#9 Affidavit

Application form with personal information. This form will be provided by our firm.

#10 Power of Attorney and Formal Application

To apply for a residence permit in Panama, a licensed attorney must sign the application.

#11 Currency Conversion

  • Required ONLY if the amount on the retirement or pension letter is NOT stated in US dollars

  • Formal certificate issued by the Banco Nacional de Panamá, valid for thirty (30) days only. 

#12 Translation

Forwarding of documents to an authorized translator in Panama.

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