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Moving to Panama Made Easy


Residency Without Traveling to Panama in Only 30 Days


Best Places to Retire Abroad

Do you want to retire abroad? The Pensionado residence option makes moving to Panama easy. 

Panama offers you sunshine, tropical beaches, amazing coffee, and welcoming locals. The cost of living is not the cheapest, but with its strong economic development, Panama provides the best overall value for your money. 

The main requirement to qualify for this visa program is the proof of a lifelong pension of at least US$1,000 (US$1,250 for a married couple) a month. 

Moving to Panama Made Easy

Are you looking to move to Panama or want a part-time residence option?

The Friendly Nations Visa program provides you and your family the opportunity to obtain a permanent Panama visa and optional work permit through investment.  

Residency Without Traveling to Panama in Only 30 Days

The Golden Visa for Panama has been created to encourage foreign investment in the country. Unlike other immigration categories, this visa has four important advantages: 

1. VIP counter for the reception and analysis of the Golden Visa. 

2. Processing of the application in a maximum period of 30 working days.

3. Option of presenting the application without personal presence in Panama. 

4. One-time application with the right to permanent residence permit and E-card (“cédula”). 

Real Estate Law

International Real Estate

Panama welcomes foreign buyers. Purchasing property is similar to buying back home…but there are some differences you need to bear in mind. We are here to help you buy real estate in Panama: We review legal documents, confirm the property title, offer legal advice about taxes in Panama, leasing, sales & transactions, and we handle the closing for you. We make sure that your interests are protected, at all times.

International Real Estate in Panama Investment
Create a Panama Corporation for Buy a Property in Panama

Corporate Law

Start a Business

Whether you're ready to set up your business right now or still researching your options—we're here for you. We are knowledgeable experts in Panamanian Corporate Law. We will set up your International Business Company (IBC), business license, tax number, and resolutions for your business. So you can focus on running your company.

Estate Law

Protect Your Family

We have you covered: We will help you to create your individual estate plan. Get a Private Interest Foundations (PIF) as a tool to ensure and manage family wealth, Asset Protection, Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, and Testaments.

State Planning get your Private Interest Foundation in Panama

Four reasons why our clients 
enjoy working with us. 


We have answers to many questions. And we implement them. We love brilliant strategies. But we love results even more.


We are convinced of our work. Whatever we do. We do it with passion. And our dynamic is contagious!


We tell it like it is. Even when the truth hurts. We have opinions and points of view. Directness and transparency are our strength


We work methodically with great attention to detail. We don't do things by halves. It's all or nothing.

Four reasons why we might be the wrong law firm for you.


We provide premium legal services. We keep what we promise. Cheap fast track services are not our thing.


Honesty and transparency are important to us. We will not provide any services if the client withholds crucial information.


We see ourselves as partners for your challenges in Panama. Submissive, spineless, and pleasing behavior is foreign to us.


We decline to offer any legal services to any person or organization related to money laundering, tax evasion, or illicit activities.


We support our clients with up-to-date legal expertise,
technology and practical implementation.

Panama Legal Papers

Panama Legal Papers: Company Formation in Panama

Summer 2018 edition

A few years ago, not so many people knew Panama. Over the years the "Panama Papers" have remained current, making Panama even more known as time goes by. However, the importance of this situation, is that Panama has always been related to papers, that is... the Panama Legal Papers.

Panama Best Investment Opportunities

How to Protect Your Investment in Panama and Manage Your Assets

Autumn 2019 edition

One of the most common questions we receive is: What happens with my assets in Panama when I die? What kind of rights and/or obligations will my heirs have under the laws of Panama or even overseas?

Panama Investment Opportunities Idea

The Challenge of Protecting Our Assets in the Face of a Global Crisis

Spring 2020 edition

Facing a global economic crisis is a challenge, but above all, it is a challenge to protect our investment at any cost. The COVID-19 virus took many people who did not have their assets organized by surprise.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-18 a la(s) 6.55.30 p. m_edited.jpg

How to Buy a Property in Panama

Spring 2021 edition

The lack of knowledge of the legal aspects when investing in real estate overseas and not knowing local practices and customs when buying a property abroad, is always the fear that worries us when we look for foreign investment options.

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