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Moving to Panama is Easy

There is a visa for everyone. Here are the most common residence permits in Panama. Either as a second home, investment, plan B, or to stay permanently in the country.

Panamanian beaches  San Blas Panama
Panama City a mix of city and green. Moving to Panama Made Easy
Golden Visa Residency without traveling to Panama in only 30 days

Best Places to Retire Abroad

Do you want to retire abroad? The Jubilado Pensionado residency program makes moving to Panama easy. 

Panama offers you sunshine, tropical beaches, amazing coffee, and welcoming locals. The cost of living is not the cheapest, but with its strong economic development, Panama provides the best overall value for your money. 

The main requirement to qualify for this visa program is the proof of a lifelong pension of at least US$1,000 (US$1,250 for a married couple) a month. 


Moving to Panama Made Easy

Are you looking to move to Panama or want a part-time residence option?

The Friendly Nations Visa program provides you and your family the opportunity to obtain a permanent Panama visa and optional work permit through investment.  


Residency Without Traveling to Panama in Only 30 Days

The Golden Visa for Panama has been created to encourage foreign investment in the country. Unlike other immigration categories, this visa has four important advantages: 

1. VIP counter for the reception and analysis of the Golden Visa. 

2. Processing of the application in a maximum period of 30 working days.

3. Option of presenting the application without personal presence in Panama. 

4. One-time application with the right to permanent residence permit and E-card (“cédula”). 

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Friendly Nations Visa: Residency through Real Estate Investment


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