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Traveling With Children To Panama

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Some will be familiar with today’s topic: Traveling with Children. In fact, taking a car, especially when the children are young, means carrying more luggage than passenger space in the car. But things don’t get easier when taking an international flight. In the practice, it means that you will need additional legal documents, such as valid passports, certificates, and others to have a pleasant and smooth trip.

Traveling with Children: Are there any special documents I should bring?

If your child does not have residency in Panama and only enters the country as a tourist there is not much to think about. You only need to have the child’s valid passport to pass the immigration control. But, it is highly recommended to bring a birth certificate (duly apostilled), just in case.

Are there special requirements if my child is a resident of Panama?

If your child has a Panamanian passport or residence permit (either temporary or permanent), you must present the child’s valid passport and residence card (immigration ID card) at the border control of Panama. Additionally, you must have a birth certificate (duly apostilled and translated into Spanish).

What happens if I travel alone with my child and the other parent does not accompany us on the trip?

If you are traveling alone with your child and the other parent does not accompany you on the trip, you require a “Permiso de Salida de Menores de Edad del País” (Permission for Minors to Leave the Country).

In order to leave Panama and pass the Panamanian border control with a minor who holds a Panamanian passport or resident status in Panama the consent of both parents is required. In the event that one or both parents do not accompany the minor on the trip, the National Immigration Service of Panama requests a series of documents to protect the life and integrity of the minor.

How can I apply for a “Permiso de Salida de Menores de Edad del País”?

In the past, it was enough to present a simple authorization from the other parent, but a few years ago the National Immigration Service of Panama changed the requirements and turned the process into an online procedure:

Step 1: Go to www.migracion.gob.pa and select the migration online icon.

Step 2: In the application option click on “Permisos de Menores”.

Step 3: Read the requirements carefully and then fill out the application. The necessary documents depend on and vary according to each family's individual situation.

Step 4: Attach the required documents, birth certificate or cédula juvenil to the online application form. Once completed, save the application number.

Step 5: Print the application and make a copy of all the documentation submitted. Take everything to a Notary Public and legalize the signature(s) on the application.

Step 6: On the day of the trip you should have all the original documents and a set of copies at hand.

What do I need if I am traveling alone with my child and the other parent is abroad?

The procedure is the same as described above. In this case, you must present the original or an authenticated copy of the authorization issued abroad. The same must be duly legalized, either by means of Apostille or Authentication through a Panamanian Embassy or Consulate abroad.

Remember these requirements only apply if your child has a Panamanian passport or permanent or temporary residence permit in Panama. For foreign children with tourist status, it is not necessary to apply for any permission. Likewise, for foreign resident children, the “Permiso de Salida de Menores de Edad del País” is only required if the child is traveling with only one parent or a third person (grandparents, etc.).

Safe traveling and enjoy your stay in Panama!

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