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Privacy Policy

We are committed to the privacy protection of all people that visit (Gomez Tomiczek web page). Please, read the following privacy policy where it is explained how we use and protect your information. 

When visiting and/or registering and/or requesting services at this Web Page, you accept, and where required, you agree that the data provided be collected, used, and conveyed pursuant to what has been established in the present privacy policy. 

Gomez Tomiczek nor any of its subsidiary, collaborator, official, executives, directors, or associates, (hereinafter “GOMITOM”) will have any access to the information of the client’s credit card nor keep the information provided. It is agreed that all the electronic transactions performed through the use of the client’s credit card are deemed performed by the Client, and the Client assumes the sole liability that the credit card used to make the payments online to GOMITOM is directly related to him(her) or his/her company. The transactions performed from our Web Page have the highest safety protocol levels (SSL and 3D Secure). 

The Client acknowledges that the technological equipment and systems that allow carrying the bank transactions are vulnerable and prone to be attacked, intercepted or manipulated in an illegal and non-authorized manner by third parties, with the purpose of getting, illegally, confidential data or information from the Client, to clone the credit card and/or perform bank or commercial transactions. The Client agrees that GOMITOM is released from all kind of liability for any damage that the Client or people authorized by the Client, could suffer in the event of taking place such risk. Therefore, the Client assumes full responsibility for the acts and operations resulting from such electronic transactions pursuant to what has been established in this policy. The claims resulting, directly or indirectly from the transactions through the use of his/her credit card shall be solved directly by the provider of the service payment through credit card. 

1.1. When you visit the Web Page or when you use our online services to carry out a request to Gomez Tomiczek through the Web Page, we may request that you provide information about yourself, including your name, contact information, and information about a credit or debit card. We may also collect information about your use of the Web Page and about our Services, on the messages that you may leave on the Web Page, and the e-mails or letters that you may send us. 

1.2. Upon accessing Gomez Tomiczek's information and/or the Web Page or the service used for digital routes of mobiles such as for example (but not limited to those types) mobile, tablet or other devices/technology, including the mobile applications, the collection and use of your data will adjust to what has been stated in the present Privacy Policy. We can collect technical information from your mobile device, from the Website or from the service that is provided through a mobile device such as, for example, the location data and certain performance features and data on the device, support/operative system, including the device and type of connection, IP address, methods of mobile payment, the interaction with other retail technology such as the use of NFC Tags, the QR codes or the use of mobile coupons. Unless that you have chosen to remain anonymous through the use of your device and/or the configuration of the platform, this information may be collected and used by us automatically if you use the Website or the Service through your mobile device(s), through any mobile application, through your mobile browser or otherwise. 

2.1. The information that you provide us will allow us to give you access to specific areas of and provide you the services that you may have requested us. It may also allow us to bill you and contact you when it is necessarily related to our services. For example, we may use your information to provide you updates on the status of your petition and other information related to your petition by e-mail, telephone, mobile, or mobile messaging (for example, SMS, MMS, etc.). In like manner, we will use and analyze the information collected that we may manage, support, improve, and develop our business, as well as with statistic and analytical purposes and help prevent fraud. In your case, now and in the future, you may declare your preferences in relation to the use of your data according to what has been established in this Privacy Policy, and it may be exercised according to the method that you have selected in order to use the Service, for example, mobile phone applications or through the Web Page. 

2.2. We may use your data to contact you with the purpose of having your opinion regarding our services and occasionally, to notify you about important changes or developments in our Web Page and in our Services. 

2.3. In the event that you would have accepted it, we could use your data in order to inform you about our other products and services that may be of your interest, including services that may be the object of direct marketing, for which end we may contact you by phone, SMS, as well as by e-mail. 

2.4. If you thus state it, you accept that we share your data with third parties that work with us in order to use your information to make known to you goods and services that may be of your interest (by mail, telephone, mobile messaging (i.e. SMS, MMS) and/or e-mail). 

2.5. If you do not wish that we use your data for these purposes or if you would change your mind about been contacted in the future, please, get in touch with us using the contact information by e-mail to admin(at) and/or modifying your profile conveniently. 

2.6. Please, take into account that by providing comments and opinions about and on the services, you accept that we include said comments and opinions on the Web Page, and in any marketing or advertising material. For this purpose, we will only identify you by your name and by your city of residence. 

3.1. The information that you would provide us will be transferred and will be kept in our servers, and our staff, as well as third parties that belong to a group of companies that act on our behalf for the purposes established in this policy or for other purposes that will be periodically notified in this policy, can access that information. 

3.2. Said third parties will be in charge of handling the information such as processing payments with credit cards and provide assistance service for us. In any case, all these third parties will be in charge of handling electronic payments and they will be bound by the corresponding data protection agreement. Upon providing your information, you accept that they are transferred, stored, and handled. Gomez Tomiczek will adopt all the measures that it deems reasonable for the purpose of assuring that your data be securely handled pursuant to the present privacy policy. 

3.3. If our business would participate in a joint venture, and it was purchased from, sold to, or merged with, other mercantile entities, the information about you may be disclosed or conveyed to our new business partners or owners or to its advisors. 

3.4. We may use the information that you provide us if we had the obligation to disclose or share your information in order to comply with (and/or we might believe to have the obligation to comply with) any legal liability; or with the objective of applying the Conditions of our Web Page and of any other agreement subscribed with you, or to protect the rights of Gomez Tomiczek or of other of our collaborators. With that, we refer to cross information with other companies and organizations with the purpose of avoiding and protecting against fraud. 

4.1. We will adapt the data protection measures necessary to avoid the non-authorized access and illegal handling, accidental loss, destruction, and damages. We will keep your information for the term that it be legally demandable. 

4.2. In the assumption that you would have chosen a password that would allow you to have access to specific areas of the Web Page, you will be liable for keeping the confidentiality of the said password. We recommend you not to share your password with anybody. 

4.3. Unfortunately, the conveyance of information through the Internet is not completely safe. Despite the fact that we will take the measures necessary to protect your information, we cannot guarantee the safety of the information that conveys to our Web Page; every conveyance will be performed under your own risk. Once the information is received, we will use strict proceedings and security measures to try to avoid non-authorized access. 

We inform you that: 
5.1. Your personal data will be handled and will be added to the files of Gomez Tomiczek with the purpose of giving an effective answer or rendering of the services requested, to ease the conveyance of the petitions, the performance of statistical studies and the delivery of advertising of the promotions offered by Gomez Tomiczek through its Website. In this sense, the user expressly accepts the handling of his/her personal information issued to Gomez Tomiczek for the purposes stated in this document. 

5.2. You will have the right of access to your personal information in order to verify the accuracy and integrity thereof, as well as for the purposes of consulting the use that is given thereof and the names of the people to whom it may have been provided. 

5.3. You also have the right to request the correction or striking of personal data or to object to any handling thereof. 

5.4. In order to obtain information and exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition to the handling thereof, please contact us using the contact information or an e-mail to admin(at) 

5.5. In any case, Gomez Tomiczek will keep in a confidential manner, and complying with the obligation of the secret of all the personal information collected and contained in its files pursuant to what has been established in the regulations in effect concerning the protection of data and personal nature. 

6.1. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be included on the Web Page and, when appropriate, through a notice by e-mail. 

7.1. All the comments, inquiries, and petitions related to our use of the information regarding you will be welcome and they should be issued to admin(at) 

Please always verify your statement of account of the credit card, and if for any valid reason you are not 100% satisfied with the service or product we have provided, within the 14 days following the payment of your credit card, we will fully accept your claim as valid and we will investigate with the purpose of reimbursing the cost through our internal reimbursement processes if it is ascribable to us. After the 14 days following your payment by credit card, we are not bound to investigate nor reimburse these charges. 

In order to process your payment(s) of invoice and/or your statement(s) of account of a credit card with our traditional payment method, please contact the Collection Department at the telephone number (+507) 730- 9313 or by e-mail at admin(at) 

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