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Retire, Move and Invest in Panama

Gomez Tomiczek is a Panama boutique Law Firm offering expat immigration services.

Panama Immigration Lawyers.

Ask The Experts

We offer specific strategies to help entrepreneurs, retirees and investors create a Plan B, invest in real estate overseas, and obtain residency abroad.

Migration Anwalt.


Visa Applications

Get your secondary or permanent residency in Panama.


Real Estate Transactions

Secure your investment in the long term.


Years of Experience

Benefit from our professional and personal experience.

Friendly Nations Visa - Golden Visa - Gomez Tomiczek Immigration Lawyer
Plan B - Real Estate Investment - Buy your house apartment property in Panama - Real Estate Lawyer Gomez Tomiczek immigration lawyer
migration anwalt - Gomez Tomiczek immigration lawyer

Panama Visa

Are you considering the idea to move overseas or obtain a second residence abroad? 
Do you need experienced and professional advice to analyze your possibilities and put your plans into practice?

Real Estate Investment

Buying a property abroad is similar to buying real estate at home, but there are some differences you need to be aware of. We are your expert local partner to ensure a smooth real estate transaction for you.

Would You Like My Team to Help You?

Do you have further questions specific to your case and would like to book an initial consultation? Use our online appointment calendar and select an appointment type.

The Fastest Way to Get Your Panama Visa.

The government of Panama has created over the years more than 50 immigration categories to facilitate the immigration of foreign professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, family members, or retirees.

Step #1

All residency applications in Panama must be submitted by a licensed attorney.

Step #2

Submit us your information. We will analyze which immigration category suits you best.

Step #3

Collect all necessary documents and papers necessary for the application and send them to us via email for review.

Step #4

Travel to Panama. We will file your application and you will receive your temporary residency card.

How Gomez Tomiczek Is Different

Why do hundreds of clients already enjoy working with us?


We have the answers to many questions. And we implement them.

Wir sprechen Deutsch

Wir bieten deutschsprachigen Service. Ohne Extrakosten.


Whatever we do. We do it with passion.


We are convinced of our work. And our dynamic is contagious!


We tell it like it is. Even when the truth hurts.


We love brilliant strategies. But we love results even more.


Benefit from our personal experience. We know the challenges.

Quality Service

We provide premium service. We keep what we promise.

Clients About Us

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