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Your Panama Dream Team: Experts in Expat Success!

We Are Gomez Tomiczek.

At Gomez Tomiczek, we understand that life is full of transitions, and sometimes, you need a trusted partner to guide you through them. With over 18 years of dedicated service, our Panama law firm has been that dependable partner for individuals seeking new beginnings, stable investments, and secure pathways in Panama.

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Abel and Marie Gomez Tomiczek

Success Stories




"Gomez Tomiczek Law Firm was very, very helpful in the implementation and planning of our Residencia application. Very comprehensive, comprehensible. All requirements were discussed. Very good help. And all this even though I don't speak English or Spanish. I can only recommend the same process from initial consultation to document. Thank you very much."

Best support in all related topics and also in various authority visits. I can recommend the law firm Gomez Tomiczek without any reservation. Greeting from Vienna




"Competent advice at all times and, above all, communication in German at no extra cost! I am completely satisfied with the services of Gomez Tomiczek Law Firm and have always felt well looked after. Here you can see the experience of the firm. I think I spent at most one hour on the migration for the whole process. Many thanks to the whole team."

Great service. Excellent legal advice and preparation in advance via email. Company formation and also bank account opening for the immigration process has worked very well. And within a short time. Mr. Gomez does not speak German but his wife and his employees do. Especially for Germans, this law firm is the best choice.




On the recommendation of good friends, we contacted Mr. Gomez regarding two property transactions. Due to previous bad experiences with Panamanian lawyers, our expectations were initially low, but we were surprised in a very positive way. We never had to wait long for an answer to our e-mails. We are 100% satisfied and can warmly recommend Gomez Tomiczek Law Office!

Very friendly and helpful staff. Well organized and prepared and able to react flexibly to the unexpected. We felt very well advised and represented. Thank you very much.




I was extremely satisfied with the legal advice, the execution of my requests, and also very personal support! No matter if in Panama or back in Germany: the communication worked perfectly - also e.g. via Skype. For urgent matters appointments were made even at short notice!
Clearly 5 stars on my part and a heartful recommendation as well!

I would like to thank Gomez Tomiczek for their service in selling my house. I thought it would be a problem as I was not in Panama during the transaction, but the whole team is very knowledgeable and professional, which made the sale of my villa very easy. It is difficult to find a good law firm, especially when you are not on site. Gomez Tomiczek has done an excellent job and I am happy to recommend them.

Our Story 

Meet Abel Gomez Tomiczek, the seasoned hand behind Gomez Tomiczek. With over 18 years of experience, having started his legal career in 2005, Abel doesn't just practice law; he empowers dreams. He specializes in making Panama your second home, a place where your ambitions can thrive.

But we don't just speak legalities; we speak your language too. Whether it's "Hello," "Hola," or "Hallo," we understand the importance of clear communication. Our services are available in German, thanks to Marie Gomez Tomiczek. Hailing from Austria, Marie has been living in Panama for almost 15 years, and she's an expat too. With over 20 years of experience in coaching expats, her expertise goes beyond legalities. She's a graduate of the Technical University in Vienna, specializing in project management. Having experienced the challenges of starting fresh in a foreign land herself, she offers invaluable assistance to newcomers in Panama.

Our success story is written by over 1000 clients who have entrusted us with their aspirations. We're not just legal advisors; we're creators of Plan B, orchestrators of Panama's friendly nations visa, retirement visa, and investor visa, and pioneers in securing your real estate investments for the long term.


At Gomez Tomiczek, we're more than a Panama law firm; we're your journey's compass. Let's embark on your path to Panama together, where dreams meet legal expertise and personal support.


Discover your new beginning with us today!

Your Path to Residency in Panama

Secure Your Panama Residency with Confidence: Whether it's retirement, a fresh start, or strategic investment, Gomez Tomiczek has you covered. With over 18 years of trusted expertise, our Panama immigration lawyers and advisors specialize in expat services, corporations, foundations, and more. Ranked among the top three retirement destinations worldwide in the Annual Global Retirement Index 2023, Panama awaits – start your journey with a consultation from the pros today

Unlocking Real Estate Opportunities in Panama

Ready to invest in Panama? Questions about property, taxes, and legalities? We've got you covered. From foundations to closing deals, we protect your interests. Get answers with a free 30-minute consultation.

Panama Estate Planning Experts

Our Panama estate planning services are designed to help you protect your assets and ensure your final wishes are honored. Whether you're a retiree looking for comprehensive legacy planning or an expat concerned about the future, we provide tailored solutions to secure your family's financial well-being. Explore Panama's leading estate planning guidance with a free consultation today.

Our Team

Get to know the dedicated professionals who bring their expertise and passion to guide you through your Panama journey. Discover the experienced experts and consultants who make up the Gomez Tomiczek team, ready to assist you every step of the way.

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Meet our office manager, the heart of our operations, ensuring smooth processes and exceptional client service.

Avatar 103


Stephany, our junior lawyer, specializes in immigration law, ensuring smooth navigation through complex procedures to help you meet your goals

Avatar 100


Introducing Sara, our legal specialist in sales transactions and corporate procedures, bringing valuable expertise to our team.



Didacio, our visa immigration agent, brings more than a decade of expertise to our team.

Avatar 109


Hilka brings her firsthand experience as a former immigration officer to our team, ensuring expert guidance for your immigration needs



Jeffrey, another member of our visa immigration team, specializes in Chiriqui region applications.

Rafael 2_edited.png


Aramis, our dedicated assistant, is here to support you throughout your legal journey.

Avatar 82


Meet Jeison, our helpful assistant, ready to assist you with your needs.

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Your Panama Journey Starts Here

With Gomez Tomiczek, you're not just getting legal advice; you're getting partners who genuinely care about your unique journey. Your success is our success. Let's embark on this adventure together.

Your Experienced Partners

We've been right where you are – facing transitions and new beginnings. With over 18 years in Panama's legal world, we've navigated it all. Let us be your trusted and experienced guides through your journey.

Your Language,
Your Comfort

Language should never be a barrier. We speak your language, literally. Whether you say "Hello," "Hola," or "Hallo," we're fluent in your needs and concerns.

Crafting Your
Success Story

More than 1000 clients have trusted us with their dreams, and we've helped them realize their Panama ambitions. Let your success story be the next chapter we write together.

A Suite of Expertise

Our expertise covers a wide spectrum – from immigration and corporate law to real estate investment and more. We're your one-stop destination for all your Panama legal needs.

Your Expat Ally:
Marie Gomez Tomiczek

More than 15 Years in Your Shoes, More than 20 Years Guiding Expats.

Your Comprehensive Support

We're more than lawyers; we're architects of Plan B, orchestrators of visas, and champions of your real estate investments' long-term security. Your journey is our journey; let's start it together.

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Got Questions About Panama? We've Got Answers!

Thank you!

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Your Trusted Legal Partner

Our international clientele includes individuals, private and public entities at all stages of their business cycle. We have an ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest quality in our legal consulting services and professional reputation. Gomez Tomiczek and its associates will not provide any services to any person or organization related to money laundering or illicit activities. We maintain a strict confidentiality policy, that has earned us, together with our discretion and good judgment, the confidence, and trust of our clients.


By choosing us as Legal Advisor, new clients must comply with our internal procedures, providing personal identification papers, as well as truthful and up-to-date information related to the requested legal procedures. Gomez Tomiczek will decline to offer any legal services, if a Partner or Associate discovers indications of fraud, potential conflicts of interest, or if the client withholds crucial information for the execution of the legal procedure as a whole.

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