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About Gomez Tomiczek.
We build bridges to Panama.

We are experts on Panama. We know the pitfalls and traps. Our team offers support and advice with points of view, ideas, and professional knowledge. In German, English, and Spanish. 

Tenacity, respect, honesty, and creativity are our guiding principles.

We create solutions. We are lawyers who know Panama. 



In 1999 Abel Gomez, founder of GOMEZ TOMICZEK started his law career, and worked for five years with lawyers, learning the arts and crafts of law. After participating in almost all branches of law he was already convinced that his passion was corporate law, immigration, and real estate transactions. By then, in 2005, he became independent. After many efforts, in 2011 he established an office in Boquete. 

His passion for a good cup of coffee led him to the Highlands of Chiriqui. Knowing that some of the world's most expensive coffee (Geisha) is produced in a small valley surrounded by mountains, a town called Boquete. And, being a small place, everyone knows each other. To feel that there was a multicultural place, with people from several countries, with different languages, at more than 1,300 meters above sea level.  

With a magnificent climate of internal spring, when it's supposed to be hot in Central America. But because of those cold microclimates in the middle of the Caribbean, it makes it special. A unique place for an office. 

By then GOMEZ TOMICZEK already had clients in almost all provinces of Panama and kept track of each job with a team of collaborators, organized among processors, messengers, employees, accountants, engineers, insurance and real estate brokers, customs agents, as well as the collaboration of public officials who were also passionate about their work. And who wanted to collaborate with good people

Gomez Tomiczek Panama Attorney Law Firm


- 2011 -

Successful Clients. Awesome Reviews.

“Para Mañana" is not part of our vocabulary.
We provide legal services in Panama with tenacity, passion, honesty, inspiration, and creativity.

On the recommendation of good friends, we contacted Mr. Gomez regarding two property transactions. Due to previous bad experiences with Panamanian lawyers, our expectations were initially low, but we were surprised in a very positive way. We never had to wait long for an answer to our e-mails. We are 100% satisfied and can warmly recommend Gomez Tomiczek Law Office!


Best support in all related topics and also in various authority visits. I can recommend the law firm Gomez Tomiczek without any reservation. Greeting from Vienna. M.S.


Very friendly and helpful staff. Well organized and prepared and able to react flexibly to the unexpected. We felt very well advised and represented. Thank you very much.


Great service. Excellent legal advice and preparation in advance via email. Company formation and also bank account opening for the immigration process has worked very well. And within a short time. Mr. Gomez does not speak German but his wife and his employees do. Especially for Germans, this law firm is the best choice.


I was extremely satisfied with the legal advice, the execution of my requests, and also very personal support! No matter if in Panama or back in Germany: the communication worked perfectly - also e.g. via Skype. For urgent matters appointments were made even at short notice!
Clearly 5 stars on my part and a heartful recommendation as well!


I would like to thank Gomez Tomiczek for their service in selling my house. I thought it would be a problem as I was not in Panama during the transaction, but the whole team is very knowledgeable and professional, which made the sale of my villa very easy. It is difficult to find a good law firm, especially when you are not on site. Gomez Tomiczek has done an excellent job and I am happy to recommend them.



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We create solutions. In all situations. And with full commitment.

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Our international clientele includes individuals, private and public entities at all stages of their business cycle. We have an ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest quality in our legal consulting services and professional reputation. Gomez Tomiczek International Group and its associates will not provide any services to any person or organization related to money laundering or illicit activities. We maintain a strict confidentiality policy, that has earned us, together with our discretion and good judgment, the confidence, and trust of our clients.

By choosing us as Legal Advisor, new clients must comply with our internal procedures, providing personal identification papers, as well as truthful and up-to-date information related to the requested legal procedures. Gomez Tomiczek International Group will decline to offer any legal services, if a Partner or Associate discovers indications of fraud, potential conflicts of interest, or if the client withholds crucial information for the execution of the legal procedure as a whole.